I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog

I have a pretty aggressive blog schedule currently. Contentless websites are akin to a writer’s blank page or an artist’s blank canvas. They’re intimidating to the creator and have nothing of interest to provide to the viewer. Once I have more content, I can then switch to a less aggressive post schedule, which should, in theory, allow me to improve my quality of content.

For now, though, one of the main reasons of this aggressive content scheduling is to get me back into the habit of just writing. Over the past few years, I’ve written in professional capacities, which always has a negative impact on me writing for enjoyment. One hope I have is that, once a new habit of writing has been established, I’ll find the motivation for fictional writing again. As I work on expanding the quality of my posts, I can also start brushing off my researching skills, as well.

Another way to work on and improve your skills is by finding organizations to volunteer with that meet your needs. I want more project management experience, specifically within the tech realm. I ended up finding a local organization, Startup Kitsap, that needed a volunteer coordinator. With them, I’ll be helping them out by expanding their social media presence. In return, I’ll also help coordinate their next startup bootcamp cohort. I’ll also have the opportunity to work with and network with like-minded individuals in my area, which could potentially lead to my dream career.

You never know what’s out there waiting for you until you make the time to sit down and start searching.

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