I’m pretty happy with my time off

I don’t think today’s blog post will be about anything scrum related. One day I’ll take a look at my topic to-do list. For now, I just wanted to publicly give myself a pat on the back. While being humble is super important to me, I’m not going to make myself feel guilty when I have a win I’d like to celebrate.

For me, I’ve managed to make really good ground in my MySQL bootcamp course, particularly today. The last section was a bit of a struggle for me, and it took me three days just to get through it. Before then, my hard goal was one section a day, with a soft goal of two sections a day. Today, without realizing it, I was already into my third section of the day.

On top of it all, there’s a good possibility I’ll be done with the course either by tomorrow or Monday. I’m really excited about not just completing it, but also moving onto my Python bootcamp. That’ll be wrapped up with a fun stats for data class on top of it all.

I’d like to, in theory, take these and translate what I’ve learned into taking Codecademy’s Data Science track. I’m by no means giving up on Scrum, but having a data background is a good back up while I gain more hands on experience as a Scrum Master or at least something that would make someone with less experience in an actual title more attractive to potential employers. After all, my goal with all of this is to be happily employed and earning money again. Living off of your savings only gets you so far for so long!

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