Honesty: my greatest weakness

I’ve been thinking about answers to behavioral interview questions lately, as I am gearing up to start interviewing as soon as I pass my Professional Scrum Master 1 certification. I’m honestly not sure why companies are all stuck on this weird, passive aggressive backhanded interviewing method. For one, there are tons of sites out there … Continue reading Honesty: my greatest weakness

I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog

I have a pretty aggressive blog schedule currently. Contentless websites are akin to a writer’s blank page or an artist’s blank canvas. They’re intimidating to the creator and have nothing of interest to provide to the viewer. Once I have more content, I can then switch to a less aggressive post schedule, which should, in … Continue reading I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog

I have been toying with Medium

However, I like having everything in one place. There is not enough pull for me there, and having one place to showcase everything I’d like to show off, having yet another blog seems counter intuitive. In Scrum, you want to cut out as much waste as possible by doing enough to sufficiently meet your goal. … Continue reading I have been toying with Medium