You’re probably wondering why someone you don’t even know would put up a page for frequently asked questions, or even if there are any questions asked frequently enough for it. I’m a fan of managing expectations, transparency, and anticipating needs. If you have a question as it pertains to my agile and scrum knowledge, I’ll try to have those kinds of questions answered here.

What are your credentials?

This is a great question and, if you’re someone who requires certain credentials, having this up front will allow you to determine whether or not I’ll meet your needs. I have a BA in Liberal Arts with a focus on Museum Education. I am taking courses for junior certifications so I can build a reinforced foundation upon what I have already built from years of hands-on experience and the knowledge I have gained throughout my career.

We’re not a software company so why would Scrum matter to us?

Scrum is a versatile framework, even if you are not developing software. Since it is under the agile umbrella, Scrum is, well, agile. You can even use Scrum framework to help you lose weight, or any other project where constant feedback throughout the creation is a beneficial asset for you. If you’d like to know if your project will have a positive outcome before your unveiling, having a constant feedback stream will help you achieve just that goal.

You do not have a skill I need, so why should we talk?

Rather than thinking who out there has which set of specifications for you, think about who out there is willing to adapt and be flexible to your needs. One of my hobbies is constantly learning. Earlier today, I was learning about scaling agile architecture. I do not want to be an architect, but understanding their role helps me succeed.

Woah, it looks like you’ve worked in a lot of different places and held a lot of different roles, so how do I know this isn’t a red flag?

While I have lived in several places, a lot of my employment has been remote. This has granted me with the flexibility of choosing where I live, and I love where I live. It took a few tries to find the right place. As far as roles go, while they do have different titles, they aren’t that different in review. Customer service has always been at the heart of what I do, whether it’s as an analyst, a content writer, or as an administrative role. I like to think that I provide for my community and in return, my community provides for me.
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