While my resume can be viewed here, I wanted to take the time to specifically showcase projects I have participated in in the past. When I made the decision to leave my job and focus on becoming a project manager, I was first filled with a type of anxiety known as imposter syndrome. The first thing I did in response to this anxiety rising was to begin thinking of all of the projects I’ve worked on in my past, which made me realize that I have a lot of project management experience already and I should not sell myself short.

When I find myself in between salaried opportunities, I like to “launch” a new business. Sometimes, I just need to try out an aspect of a career branch to explore whether or not it is a path I’d like to take. However, now that I already have my destination set, it’s time to turn what I like to practice and turn it into reality. My current project: rebranding.

Recently, I spearheaded an audit of over 20,000 user accounts to bring them up to meet compliance standards. During the course of this project, I was also able to manage some aspects of the project, which included creating user stories, working with engineers to understand their needs, and making sure key stakeholders across multiple teams were constantly updated with new information, as the project deadline came closer. Here, I found that project management ticked off my career boxes, however, the Scrum Master role meets my leadership style.

I was part of the community team (think social media engagement crossed with customer support) to launch the largest MMORPG launch in history. Additionally, I created documentation of our knowledge base to make onboarding new employees more streamlined, and lead one of two training groups when our team needed to double in size in preparation for the game’s launch.

One company I worked for did not have much of a social media presence, and there was not anyone managing social media accounts. Because I had some experience here, I was asked to take over managing their social growth. I proudly brought them from 10 Twitter followers to over 10,000 during my time with them.

At a busy SaaS startup focusing in renewable energy, I fulfilled the roles of Executive Administrator, Office Manager, and Receptionist. I would routinely need to research current vendor contracts, negotiate deals with new vendors, plan events on a tight budget, assist marketing with convention preparations, and assist the office as any new projects would arise.

While working on my four-year degree at Florida Atlantic University, I was able to both work and intern at a contemporary art museum. One of the first projects I assisted with was to catalog the museum’s kinetic art collection in order to find a new home for it. I was able to continue through the end of the museum’s lifecycle, as it came to a close.

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