I haven’t abandoned this project

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, but I haven’t forgotten about nor abandoned this website project. Taking the time to write out a new post remains to be an enjoyable activity for me, so I do not see myself stopping. My lack of posting stems from a few different areas. I’ve been busy with job hunting, … Continue reading I haven’t abandoned this project

Winter Came Late, Time to Partner Up

Here I am, staring out my window, watching new snow add to an already icy foundation. I should be working on my Python skills, but instead, my mind is wandering. I don’t really blame it. In the past 6 weeks I’ve become Scrum Master certified, passed a MySQL bootcamp, and am now bootcamping Python. Since … Continue reading Winter Came Late, Time to Partner Up

Honesty: my greatest weakness

I’ve been thinking about answers to behavioral interview questions lately, as I am gearing up to start interviewing as soon as I pass my Professional Scrum Master 1 certification. I’m honestly not sure why companies are all stuck on this weird, passive aggressive backhanded interviewing method. For one, there are tons of sites out there … Continue reading Honesty: my greatest weakness